Introducing our Pumpkin Catnip Toy AND Catula!

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Our cats love the Pumpkin – they grab it with both paws and deliver their notorious “bunnykicks”. The Pumpkin also makes a great little gift for your favorite cat lover’s kitty. We’ll ship it anywhere, including internationally.

While you’re visiting our site, click to see our Halloween book, Catula: The Misadventures of Dracula’s Cat. This book is a clever take off on the Dracula theme, with a unique twist – Catula! Since we’re offering discounts, we’ll also extend to you a 15% discount off the retail cover price of Catula.

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“Calico Moment”

Mom and Dad play with me a lot. I’m crashing from non-stop play with my Da Bird Toy!

My daughter loves her new “Cali”. As smart and fast as a whip, and after a long playtime, Cali received a visit from the sand man.

Choosing the Right Litter Box

Yeah, I like my litterbox. Can I get out now?

You know it’s time to replace that old litter box with something better – you’ve been putting off that inevitable decision. What should be your top priorities in choosing the best litter box solution for your cats? It’s simple – just think like your cat.

Ample room to maneuver. Give your cat a litter box with ample room so he can “dig to China”. Cats are instinctively obsessed with CLEAN. They like to “bury” their treasure and devote much time to digging and covering.

Privacy, please. Whether you choose an open box or closed box, make sure it’s located in a quiet, private area. Cats will be glad to use their box, as long as the location is accessible and comfortable.

More privacy, please. If you and your cat co-habitate in an apartment or place with limited space, what better solution than to use an attractive litter box cover to hide away the litter box.

Make it simple, silly. Minimize the time you spend maintaining your cat’s box. One that features rounded corners is far easier to clean. Choose a litter scoop that’s especially designed to catch all of the “buried treasure” so that your cat will have a clean box on his next visit. There are even telescoping litter scoops that allow you to clean the box without bending over.

High tech. This one’s for you, cat owner. If you prefer a self cleaning solution, there are self-cleaning boxes that provide the ultimate in “no fuss, no muss” maintenance.

Now that you’re ready to shop, SAVE! This week only, through September 15, 2012, go to and choose any litter box, litter cover, litter scoop, or litter accessory and we’ll take $5.00 off shipping and handling. Simply enter the promo code litter in the promo code box at checkout, and click UPDATE, and the discount’s yours!

Happy Shopping!

Want to live longer? – be owned by a Cat

As I write this for our blog, my 17 year old tuxedo Luna hops up on the desk and promptly walks all over the keyboard which goes berzerk into a frenzied …dghasldkv299u3905790570noasdfekckdddddddd;slkveoinfaldkkkkkkk…..!

Does this ever happen to you?

Of course, it does! In the end, will you erupt angrily and walk out, or will you seize your cat, give her a hug and kiss and tell her in baby talk, “…that’s not nice, sweetie…” Of course, you will opt for the latter!

Whether you realize it or not, your cat has a lot to do with your peace of mind, your reduced stress levels and your general good health and well being.

There have been many research projects undertaken to prove this point. Psychological stress and anxiety are related to cardiovascular events like heart attacks and stroke.

Cats are amazing. They entertain you and can keep you laughing and smiling all day long. They respond to your touch and your voice. They don’t talk back and they don’t disappoint. In other words, cats are stress reducing.

Over thousands of years, entire human cultures have recognized the human-cat bond and appreciate and adore cats for the incredible creatures they are. Just look at the Egyptians – a culture that admired their intelligence, companionship, love and loyalty.

Not only that, cats are easy companions. They are clean, personable and intelligent. They seem to read our minds and they anticipate our moves. When we’re under the weather, they lie down beside us and purr. They do this anyway as a daily routine, since contrary to popular belief, cats are very social creatures.

Kittens – well, that is yet another topic! My daughter recently adopted a calico kitten that literally bounces off the wall at her home in non-stop play. She’s a dynamo who constantly amazes and amuses and — what else —makes us laugh.

Now that you know that cats will help you live longer, happier lives, run like crazy to your neighborhood shelter and take advantage of the quantity discount!

First Internet Cat Video Film Festival

The first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival will debut on August 30, 2012 at the site of the renowned Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Walker Art Center is famous for its contemporary art exhibits. Kate Czarniecki-Hill, the festival organizer and self professed cat person, says that cat videos are mostly viewed alone. The festival represents the first step in legitimizing cat videos as an art form.

You have until July 30, 2012 to nominate your chosen cat videos for inclusion in the festival. To nominate, use this form:

The entire Internet Cat Video Festival will only last one hour, since most cat video last less than a minute and that will give the audience plenty of time for feline fun.

Nyna the Cat Shows Her Patriotism around the World!

Nyna happens to not only be the rage among cat lovers and techno-geeks, she is totally diplomatic!

Click this link to see Nyna donning the American flag, as well as the French flag, Russian flag, Canadian flag, you get the picture?!!!




July Cat-toon – Scott Nickel

Call Out the Cat Furniture Scratching Squad – Helpful Tips from

Did you know that your cat scratches furniture for what he thinks is a very logical reason?

He’s really not doing it to get up your dander – in addition to sharpening his claws, he’s releasing potent kitty scents, exclaiming, “this is my couch and to prove it, I’m leaving my business card”!

Wouldn’t you like your cat to find a better place where he could scratch ‘till the cows come home — like on his very own cat scratching furniture!

We can help lure and keep your cat away from your furniture with our wide selection of horizontal, inclined and vertical cat scratching furniture. All of these styles are effective and cat friendly, constructed from super long lasting sisal or heavy duty, corrugated cardboard. Moreover, they’re actually attractive (really!) and can fit in anywhere in your home.

You can place the cat scratcher right near that “work in progress” soon-to-be battered, clawed up sofa, so that your cat will naturally choose the “right” scratching surface. Then, you can then preserve what is left of your sofa using Sticky Paws transparent furniture strips.

Or, if you’re inclined to practice preventative medicine, park the cat scratcher next to that brand new upholstered chair — you know — the one that’s still fairly unscathed from the swipe of a claw! You’ll soon see your cat happily scratching away where he should – on his very own cat scratcher!

Order the cat gift that keeps on giving – a long lasting, economical, customized cat scratcher. Satisfy your cat’s natural scratching urges and start preserving your sanity now!

Happy Shopping!

Think Like a Cat! – Cats show you their heart’s desire through body language.

Here’s one of the best videos we’ve seen on the topic.

Cat Body Language

Our very first Tabby-loid!

Did you know there are over 86 million household cats in the U.S.?  That well exceeds dog households and other animal households combined.   How many cats do you have in your household?  Add a comment about your special felines!